Legend Of The Shadowless Sword

Master swordplay, epic battles and stunning martial arts action kick into high gear in this fantastical adventure set in Ancient Korea. 927 A.D. The Killer-Blade Army has toppled the ruling dynasty, plunging the kingdom into chaos. The only remaining heir, Prince Jung-Hyun (Lee Seo Jin) is living in exile unaware of his family’s dark fate. Still loyal to the dynasty, the beautiful and deadly warrior Soha (Yoon Soy) sets out to find Jung-Hyun and guide him to become the great leader he was born to be. But with the Army’s greatest assassins and the criminal underworld hunting them, Soha and Jung-Hyun are swept into an explosive, nonstop battle of swords, wits and bloodshed as they fight to reclaim the fallen throne. 

 Title Legend of the Shadowless Sword 
 Year  2005
 Country  Korea
 Director  Kim Young-Jun
 Actors  So-yi Yoon, Seo-jin Lee, Hyeon-jun Shin, Ji-Woo Choi
 Language  Korean
 Subtitles  English, Spanish
 Runtime  116 Minutes
 Rating  R