Female Prisoner 701: Beast Stable

Category: Pink Films

 In this third installment of famed Japanese director Shunya Ito's Scorpion series, escaped prisoner Scorpion (Meiko Kaji) is hiding out in a brothel. But her refuge becomes a chamber of horrors when the madam discovers that Scorpion's ex-boyfriend is the same police officer who killed the madam's Yakuza lover. The vengeful bordello owner calls in underworld thugs, who torture Scorpion and frame her for a crime she didn't commit

 Title  Female Scorpion 701: Beast Stable
 Year  1973
 Country  Japan
 Director  Shunya Ito
 Actors  Meiko Kaji, Tomoko Mayama
   Toshie Kimura, Mikio Narita
 Language  Japanese
 Subtitles  English
 Runtime  87 Minutes
 Ratings  NR