Burst City

Category: SciFi & Fantasy

As construction workers prepare to break ground for a nuclear power plant in a futuristic Tokyo, several punk rock bands stage a protest, setting off a chain reaction of events that's anything but peaceful. Soon enough, police officers clad in riot gear and a band of Yakuza thugs are butting heads with a pair of armor-laden bikers who've mysteriously arrived to stir things up. Sogo Ishii directs this rowdy blend of music, sci-fi and action.

 Title:  Burst City
 Year:  1982
 Country:  Japan
 Director:  Sogo Ishii
 Actors:  Takanori Jinnai, The Stalin, Shinya Ohe
 Language  Japanese
 Subtitles  English
 Runtime 116 Minutes 
 Rating  NR
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