Space Amoeba

Category: SciFi & Fantasy

When a space probe crash-lands on a far-flung Pacific atoll, the craft's alien 
stowaways decide to take over their new world one creature at a time. Soon,
the parasitic life forms latch onto three indigenous critters -- a squid, a crab
and a snapping turtle -- and transform them into colossal mutant monsters.
Akira Kubo,Atsuko Takahashi and Kenji Sahara star in this entertaining sci-fi 
flick from director Ishiro Honda

 Title: Space Amoeba
 Year: 1971
 Country: Japan 
 Director Ishiro Honda
 Actors: Akira Kubo, Kenji Sahara
 Language: Japanese/English 
 Subtitles: English 
 Runtime: 84 Minutes 
 Rating: NR